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04 Nov 2019

Cathrine Lund Myhre

NILU - Norsk institutt for luftforskning (in English: NILU - Norwegian Institute for Air Research)
Professional Title: 
Senior scientist

Dr. Cathrine Lund Myhre (female) is a senior scientist at NILU and has about 25 years of experience in understanding of atmospheric composition change based on observations, including data management, curation and data quality requirements. Lund Myhre is currently leading the work with ACTRIS Data Center (ACTRIS = Aerosol Cloud and Trace Gases Research Infrastructure, ) and are also currently work package leader in ENVRI-FAIR ( , leading the implementation of FAIR principles within the atmospheric environmental domain, across all involved research infrastructures.

Lund Myhre has been employd at NILU since 2005. NILU was founded in 1969 and is an independent non-profit research institute specializing in climate and air pollution research with ca 180 employees. NILU has long, broad end comprehensive expertise and involvement in handling atmospheric compositional data. In the last years, NILU has been involved in more than 90 EU and ESA financed projects e.g. ACTRIS-1, ACTRIS-2, ACTRIS-PPP, ENVRI-FAIR, ENVRIplus, NextGEOSS, InGOS, MACC2, GEOMON, EUCAARI, EUSAAR, ACCENT, EARLINET-ASOS, SCOUTO3, MEGAPOLI and also ESFRI initiatives e.g. ICOS and SIOS, and ESA-CCIs. NILU, and C. Lund Myhre, has been responsible for the ACTRIS Data Centre since start, and for data curation of all in situ data within ACTRIS. NILU is responsible for the widely used database infrastructure EBAS ( hosting observation data of atmospheric chemical composition and physical properties. EBAS is used for ACTRIS in situ data. NILU plays central roles in the WMO – GAW program, and is represented in 3 of the Scientific Advisory Groups (on Aerosols, Reactive Gases and Total Deposition respectively) as well as hosting the World Data Centre for Aerosols (GAW-WDCA) and the World Data Centre for Reactive Gases (WDCRG). NILU serves as the EMEP Chemical Coordination Centre (EMEP-CCC). The EMEP program comprise more than 40 Parties and forms the basis for UNECE CLRTAP abatement policies, as well as for the EU policies on Air Quality ( NILU (and EBAS data base) hosts also the official databases of the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP) and the OsloParis Commission (OSPAR CAMP). NILU also hosts the Earth Observation Validation Data Centre (EVDC), a database developed and operated on contract by ESA. Lund Myhre is involved and central in many of these projects and initiatives.

Lund Myhre was nominated by Ministry of Education and Research in Norway to the RoP.