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04 Nov 2019

Gianluca Polenta

ASI - Italian Space Agency
Professional Title: 
Research Scientist

I'm a cosmologist with extensive experience on data analysis for Cosmic Microwave Background observations and galaxy surveys. I contributed to the BOOMERanG balloon-borne experiment and to the ESA Planck satellite, and I'm currently working on the preparation for the ESA Euclid mission to be launched in 2022, and more recently on the JAXA-led LiteBIRD satellite planned for 2027.

Research Scientist at the Italian Space Agency, I have been appointed in 2018 as Head of the ASI Space Science Data Center, a multi-disciplinary, multi-messenger data center. The SSDC currently supports 15+ ASI funded missions in operation, post-operation, or development phase thanks to a 45 people team, which includes staff members and senior scientists from ASI, INAF, and INFN, and professional IT support from industries. While most of its activities are related to the Observation of the Universe, the SSDC recently opened to Earth Observation and to the development of enabling, multi-purposes AI tools and techniques. According to its mission, the SSDC supports the scientific community through the development of user-friendly tools for data access and analysis.

For ASI, I'm also serving as ASI Project Scientist for the Euclid satellite and the LSPE mission. I worked as expert for project evaluation and monitoring for both NASA and the European Commission. I am author and co-author of more than 270 papers on international refereed and non-refereed journals with more than 43000 citations. H-Index: 89 (NASA ADS).