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30 Jun 2019

Magnus Aronsen

University of Oslo; Young Academy of Norway (YAN); Research Council of Norway (RCN)
Professional Title: 
Associate Professor in molecular medicine, YAN vice-chair

Magnus Aronsen is an Associate Professor in molecular medicine at the University of Oslo, vice-chair of the Young Academy of Norway (YAN), and board member of the Research Council of Norway (RCN). With a multidisciplinary research background, Magnus has been actively advocating open science as a critical strategic step towards improved reproducibility of research results, data quality and societal implementation scientific results. In addition, he has been active in debating the use of metrics in research evaluation and how this influences the research system. As chair of the YAN, Magnus has been active in various committees in Norway and the nordic region on OS and metrics use, and has continued this work through being a member of the board of the RCN.

In terms for FAIR Working Group, Magnus will bring his experience on especially the use of open science and principles in FAIR practice within and across disciplines, and the use of metrics in research evaluation.