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12 Oct 2019

Mirjam van Daalen

Paul Scherrer Insittut (PSI)
Professional Title: 
Chief of Staff, Photon Science Division (PSD)

Mirjam van Daalen has a PhD in structural Geology and is currently chief of staff of the Photon Science Division at the Paul Scherrer Institut. She has the strategic, personnel and operative lead of the Photon Science Division (PSD) Staff and works closely with the Director of the PSD proactively providing a bridge for smooth communication up, down and across the organisation. As a key member of the management team handles confidential issues around HR. The chief of staff also has responsibility for aligning the organisation dynamics. Acquisition and lead of EU projects. Delegate for PSI in high ranking Steering Committees of European projects. Since 2018 Mirjam is Swiss Delegate in the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) mandated by State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI).

During working at the Paul Scherrer Institut since 2009, first as Science Officer of the SwissFEL project and recently as chief of staff of the Photon Science Division Mirjam has a strong expertise in the field of building and running RIs. While coordinating and participating in EU FP7 and HZ2020 projects, she gathered long term experience in the development of policy frameworks on the European level and creation of a sustainable federated open data infrastructure, integrating the existing user data systems, data management and data analysis systems of the European Photon and Neutron facilities (Projects: PaNdata Europe, PaNdata ODI, CRISP, CALIPSO, CALIPSOplus, Umbrella ID). This expertise led to the development of PSI Open Research Data Policy, for which she is responsible. At PSI she gives advise on the strategic planning of IT projects, open research data and data policy. Futhermore, preparing for a future collaboration in Horizon Europe she is strongly involved in the new League of European Accelerator Based Photon Sources (LEAPS), as vice-chair of its coordination board and member of the IT workpackage. On top of the above experience she is strongly involved in EOSC projects in HZ2020, such as having a leading role in a new project European Open Science Cloud for Photon and Neutron Data Services ExPaNDs and an observer role in the INFRAEOSC-4 project called PaNOSC. Mirjam was elected as Swiss delegate for the working group on EOSC sustainability by the European Commission and as Swiss ESFRI delegate she is part of the ESFRI taskforce on EOSC.