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30 Jun 2019

Stefano Cozzini

Professional Title: 
Development scientist

Stefano Cozzini is a development scientist at CNR/IOM with more than 20 years experience in the area of scientific computing and HPC/Data e-infrastructures. He is currently coordinating the Data management research activities of two European Projects (NFFA-EUROPE; and EUSMI: He is also task leader within the ready-to-start EOSC-Pillar project.

He is presently actively involved in the Master in High Performance Computing promoted by SISSA and ICTP ( and in the recently launched master degree on “Data Science and Scientific Computing” master at University of Trieste. He has also considerable experience in leading HPC and data infrastructure projects at national and international level. He served as scientific consultant for International Organization: Unesco -ICTP (2003-2012) and UNDP/UNOPS (2011-2012).

In terms for FAIR Working Group, Stefano can share his experience and efforts working with researchers in the area of nano and soft-matter materials to provide them data repositories and tools to make their data FAIR.