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04 Nov 2019

Volker Beckmann

Professional Title: 
Scientific director for Computing and Data Science

Since 2016 he is scientific director for Computing and Data Science of CNRS-IN2P3. He finished his PhD in astrophysics at Hamburg University in 2001, and then worked in astrophysics and space science in Switzerland and at NASA's Goddard space flight center and taught at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. In 2009 he became researcher at CNRS, working for the APC laboratory in Paris as project scientist of the FACe, a data and computing centre for space- and ground-based astroparticle physics. His expertise allowed him to be past and present member of several satellite steering and evaluation committees, both for ESA and NASA. He is a member of CERN's LHC Experiments Committee (LHCC), chair of EU-T0, and editor-in-chief of a new journal on "Computing and Data for Big Science". He was work package leader in the EOSCpilot project, and is currently work package leader in EOSC-Pillar.

Through his experience both as scientist and as manager at a large funding and research agency, he brings to the EOSC a solution-oriented attitude and a strong support for the EOSC vision.