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16 Sep 2020

VC on next iterations of EOSC

  • By Jos Vanwezel


Dear all,
according to the doodle we have the possibility for a VC on Wednesday 30 September from 10:00 till 11:00. I’ll send an agenda update and connection details early next week.


Beste groeten


Jos van Wezel

Dear reader

the project initiated this forum to entice collaboration and exchange among the ESFRI cluster projects.

Current collaborations, task forces and interest groups have delivered input to the ongoing process towards the EOSC association and for sure you have participated in many of these. The window for contribution and ideas maybe closing for this phase of the establishment of EOSC, shaping the functionality and practical form of EOSC is however next on the agenda. 
Focus now shifts to the implementation of the minimal viable EOSC (MVE), the core of the business. A range of projects will start connecting the dots using the technology and expertise gained over the last years.

I think now is a good opportunity to start thinking on the plumbing of the MVE so that it becomes useful for ESFRI and Europe. 

In order to seed discussions and exchange I invite you to a 1 hour VC where we will collect topics that are of importance for the implementation of the MVE for the clusters. What are dependencies in the development, where are the strategic goals in two years, what are synergies between the clusters and what is the role of EOSC for these, etc.? These topics will then be carried over into the Interest Group forum.   

Please ask those that you think should join and fill out the doodle:

beste groeten