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Moderated by: Jean-François Abramatic, Inria and Architecture WG Chair and Robert Quick, Indiana University


PID Session

  • Provide an overview of the PID Task Force
  • Gain a consensus on what a PID policy should contain and cover

Interoperability framework session

  • Provide an overview of the Interoperability Task Force and progress to date
  • Seek input on expected coverage and format of the EIF
  • Learn from international models in this space

Main target audience: Service providers, research users of EOSC, policy makers

Short Description:

The following topics will be discussed in the PID session:

  • What the scope for a PID policy for the EOSC should be?
  • Who are the stakeholders to address in a PID policy?
  • What are the most important topics to include in a PID policy?

The following topics will be discussed in the Interoperability session:

  • What coverage is needed? Semantic, technical, legal and organisational interoperability?
  • Should we define a list of basic requirements for interoperability and different levels of support e.g. WCAG levels of accessibility: A, AA, AAA
  • EOSCPilot made 10 interoperability recommendations which focused on metadata for discovery. Is this the right starting point?