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Moderated by: Juan Bicarregui, Research Data Alliance - RDA, STFC and Rules of Participation (Rop) WG Chair & Andrew Treloar, Australian Research Data Commons

A document which highlights some of the key points for discussion is available here


  • The RoP WG aims to define a minimal set of clear Rules of Participation that shall define the rights, obligations and accountability governing all EOSC transactions by the various EOSC users, providers and operators.
  • This session will provide a forum for discussion around the scope and aims of the RoP. A draft set of “Questions to be Addressed” will be presented along with some possible approaches to answering those questions. Participants will be invited to share their views on the RoP so as to assist in developing the RoP for EOSC.

Main target audience: Research users of EOSC; Service providers into EOSC

Short Description: The following questions will bbe discussed in the session:

  • How should the rules of participation govern the relationship between service providers and users?
  • How should users discover and access EOSC services?
  • How should EOSC minimise the barriers to service providers taking part?
  • To what extent should all of the above apply to Non-European users and service providers?