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Moderated by: Rupert Lueck, EMBL and Sustainability WG co-chair & Mark Leggott, Research Data Canada/CANARIE


  • To explain the work of Sustainability Working Group and get feedback on what EOSC should be, and how (inter)national infrastructures can be best aligned with, and join EOSC.
  • Provide a summary of, and get feedback on, the current draft version of the Sustainability WG’s initial output: Solutions for Sustainable EOSC.

Main target audience: (inter)national policy makers, researchers, research infrastructures, and service providers

Short Description:

The session will start with a presentation on the current Sustainability WG document “Solutions for Sustainable EOSC”, followed by a brief town hall session to add/modify a pre-selected set of questions, followed by smaller breakout group discussions around these questions, with a final plenary report from each breakout discussion back to the full group.