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About the EOSC Federating Core Interest Group


The EOSC Federating Core interest group will focus on the activities related to enhancing, adapting and connecting as well as developing and setting up the federating core. The group is open and serves as a platform for developers, researchers, and users of EOSC services to collaborate and discuss, get a common understanding, generate requirements towards the concept of the federating core and the related activities, policies, and resources needed to manage the EOSC federated services.


Capabilities of the federating core are: shared resources (that what you need to run EOSC services, e.g. a common authentication service, the discovery service or the monitoring service), portfolio (the list of services and their providers), compliance framework (the set of standards, regulations, policies etc. that govern the services provided). Discussions in the IG will be of a rather technical nature and serve to improve the mutual understanding between participating projects and those actively developing the core components.
Participants will collaborate on determining the components of the federating core and the components that deliver the capabilities. In order to effectively steer developments of policies and standards but also of tools and interfaces to the services, the information and ideas of the participants will be exchanged. The group will also study the timeline of readiness of the constituting components of the core so projects can align their activities with the development of EOSC.


The findings of this IG will feed directly into the work of the EOSC Executive Board (EB) and Working Groups (WGs) who are in charge of the development of the EOSC.

About the EOSC Interest Groups (IGs)


The Interest Groups (IGs) were created to give the EOSC related community the opportunity to collaborate, share information, and discuss EOSC related topics. A first set of four IGs have been approved by the projects participating at the EOSC Coordination Day in Budapest, on November 28-29 2019.

The EOSCSecretariat.eu set up an IT platform to support the Interest Groups in their activities. This platform includes a workspace based on a public and open collaborative virtual space where the members can discuss, share documents and structure their collaboration. 

The Interest Groups are open to all members of the EOSC community and EOSC-related projects, no limit in the number of participants from a single project is envisaged. Private area of discussion can be implemented upon request.

Each Interest Group is facilitated by at least one member of the EOSCsecretariat.eu.


How to join the EOSC Interest Groups

To join an Interest Group simply click on the "Subscribe to Group" button on the top right corner on each Interest Group. If you are not logged in on the EOSCsecretariat website you will be asked to create a profile or to enter with your credentials.

How to use the EOSC Interest Groups

After joining an EOSC Interest Group you will be listed among its members and you will be able to do the following:

  • Start a New Discussion: Click on the yellow side button to start a new thread. Choose a title for your post and write your message in the "body" section. You can also add attachments or add a preview for your message by expanding the "summary" section. Tag your post with existing categories or request new tags by writing at info@eoscsecretariat.eu
  • Comment on an existing thread: Click on "Add new comment" to join an open discussion. As with a regular thread you can add a title, attachments and tags.
  • Search among discussions: You can search by keyword contained in the title or by tag.
  • Visit the Interest Group repository: Each Interest Groups has a related repository, accessible via the button on the right side bar. Members of the Interest Groups can download documents from the repository and suggest the addition of further shared documents. IG Facilitators are responsible for the addition and management of documents and folders on the repository.
General Rules

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However, you are not free to attack, degrade, insult, or otherwise belittle them or the quality of this community. It does not matter what title or power you hold in these forums, you are expected to obey this rule.

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The EOSCsecretariat team retains the right to moderate posts on this forum and to remove content that infringes the rules of the forum.


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In case you should encounter any issue or bug related to the EOSC Interest Groups or if you need support on its use please contact support@eoscsecretariat.eu

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Recent Activity

Rob Carrillo's picture
03 Mar 2021

EOSC-Hub Consultation On EOSC Common & Federation Services

  • By Rob Carrillo

Friday, March 5 DEADLINE: EOSC-hub will close its final consultation on EOSC Common & Federation Services by the end of this week with no more extensions foreseen. Contribute your views on the technical specifications for EOSC common and federation services. You can provide your input to EOSC-hub before the consultation deadline of 5 March, 6:00 CET:

We look forward to your inputs!

Dusan Vudragovic's picture
23 Jul 2020

NI4OS-Europe recent deliverables

  • By Dusan Vudragovic

Provider landscape analysis and provider categorization presents the collection of detailed information about resource providers. The information collected contains technical, operational and support information about the candidate services. Available at https://zenodo.org/record/3932941

First report on pre-production environment defines components (services and tools) of the project's pre-production environment, describes their purpose, and reports the current development status of the pre-production environment. Available at https://zenodo.org/record/3932925

Dusan Vudragovic's picture
14 Jun 2020

NI4OS-Europe best practices for on-boarding and related policies

  • By Dusan Vudragovic

Best practices for on-boarding and related policies - this document provides the foundation for the NI4OS-Europe on-boarding process and includes the necessary guidance to incorporate the regional services into the EOSC ecosystem. The document presents the customized NI4OS-Europe on-boarding procedure, fully compatible with the current EOSC processes, while adapted to the needs and capabilities of the regional consortium.



Diego Scardaci's picture
12 May 2020

Have Your Say on the EOSC-hub Proposals for technical specifications of Helpdesk, Accounting and Monitoring

  • By Diego Scardaci

EOSC-hub has produced technical specifications for three services candidates for inclusion in the future EOSC core: HelpdeskAccounting and Monitoring.

Each specification details the main features, the high-level architecture and the deployment models of the service in EOSC and defines interoperability guidelines that enable various integration paths to allow any EOSC service provider to fully exploit their features.

The proposed specifications are put forward for further discussion and a consultation on the proposals has been launched to collect feedback from stakeholders. Your feedback is very welcome.

Deadline to provide your comments: 31st of May 2020