Certification of core EOSC services - your feedback needed!

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23 Nov 2020

Certification of core EOSC services - your feedback needed!

  • By Sarah Jones

I'm delighted to announce that the EOSC FAIR Working Group has released the final version of the "Recommendations on certifying the services required to enable FAIR research outputs within EOSC" report for community comment. 

Kudos to Françoise Genova and the team who have balanced Sunday lunches with writing sprints to finalise this and incorporate comments from the Working Group and FAIRsFAIR. 

The report contains an analysis of activities relevant to certification in the EOSC context, and discusses incentivisation and support. It analyses the status of FAIR-enabling certification and gaps and potential opportunities for extension, and defines priorities for future work.

We welcome feedback on the document. You can download the report from Zenodo under the DOI https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.4284666

Comments can either be left here on the EOSC Liaison Platform (you need to login to respond to the post) or if preferred you can email them to inform-FAIR-wg@eoscsecretariat.eu, or posted as comments in the shared google doc. We encourage people to respond openly however to promote community discussion and consensus.

Please provide your comments on Tuesday 8th December at the latest.

Many thanks in advance for your input

Sarah, Françoise and the team