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17 May 2020

EOSC Interoperability Framework out for comment

  • By Sarah Jones

Achieving interoperability within EOSC is essential to federate services and provide added value for users. The draft EOSC Interoperability Framework, which is now open for comment, identifies general principles and organises them into the four layers: technical, semantic, organisational and legal. The framework also contains a proposal for how the management of FAIR Digital Objects should be done in the context of EOSC.

The initial draft has been developed by members of the FAIR and Architecture Working Groups. The authors conducted an extensive review of related literature and interviewed key stakeholders from ERICs, ESFRI projects, service providers and research communities. This helped to identify problems and requirements in each aspect of interoperability to provide recommendations for EOSC. Legal issues will be included in the next version, based on recommendations from a commissioned study.

We welcome community feedback to help us iterate the final version due in October, specifically:

  • Is this what you expected to see or are some things missing?
  • Are the concepts clear or do some aspects need further clarification?
  • Are the minimum requirements and recommendations appropriate?
  • Is it clear who is responsible for what and how this should be followed?
  • As a service provider, could you conform with / implement the framework?
  • Is the model for FAIR Digital Objects sound?
  • What other feedback and comments would you like to offer?



  • Francesca Di Donato's picture

    Francesca Di Donato

    Date: 17 Jul, 2020


    I'm attaching TRIPLE's project replies to the Request for Comments.

    Best regards,
    Francesca Di Donato
    Leader of WP 6 - Open Science and EOSC Integration

  • Giacinto Donvito's picture

    Giacinto Donvito

    Date: 02 Oct, 2020


    This document presents the feedback from the EOSC-hub project to the draft for community consultation of the EOSC Interoperability Framework.

    Giacinto DONVITO
    EOSC-Hub Technology Coordinator

  • Marc Portier's picture

    Marc Portier

    Date: 26 Oct, 2020

    The aspect of usage tracking and proper attribution to offered and maintained data sets, data services remains an unresolved issue in the bigger OpenScience debate. As such it is also a rather blatant omission which IMHO should be covered in the scope of "interoperability". After all, leaving a proper and accountable trail of who is accessing which (parts of the) shared and even redistributed data seems like a fair handshake and logical counterpart towards however is doing the effort of making his stuff FAIRly available in the first place. Some more tangible incentive than purely appealing to the ethical motivation will help us get the practice of OpenScience really take off.

    Looking at how the section "Organisational interoperability" refers to "the way organisations align their business processes"; and assuming the proper research process involves a natural reflex towards proper attribution and referencing, we might at least mention the issue in that section as one needing dire attention of resolution.

    On a minor note, "multilingual support" seems an assumed requirement for any achievable "semantic interoperability" - unless I missed it in my read of the document, I would suggest (specially in an EU context) to make that requirement an explicit one.

    Kind regards,

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