Help us shape the future of the Blue-Cloud! Take our short survey

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12 Oct 2020

Help us shape the future of the Blue-Cloud! Take our short survey

  • By Federico Drago

Dear EOSC community,

As we start taking the first steps towards co-creating the Blue-Cloud Strategic Roadmap to 2030, we would like to inform you that we have now launched our first online survey to consult the marine community on the vision for the Blue-Cloud.

We hereby invite you to help us shape the future of the Blue-Cloud by responding to this short, 15-minute survey and spreading the word to your teams and wider contacts, so they too can individually contribute to co-design this collective effort.

The online survey is targeted at:

  • The “Blue-Cloud” Project Partners.
  • Policy makers and funders.
  • Data producers, users and providers connected to the marine research community, including but not limited to (non-partner) Marine Research Infrastructures, Data Infrastructures and e-infrastructures.
  • Other related EU-funded projects & initiatives.

Your input is key to ensure that this ambitious initiative is shaped according to your needs and expectations from its outset, building a shared, co-created and collective vision. Your support will help us develop a draft Blue-Cloud Roadmap to 2030 that will be released in Spring 2021 for further stakeholder consultation and feedback.

The Blue-Cloud online consultation launched today 12 October and will remain open until 6 November, when we will close the consultation to analyse its results.

Thank you in advance for your contributions and support. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or comments.

Link to the survey: