Identifying digital skill sets for EOSC - provide your feedback by 21 September

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07 Sep 2020

Identifying digital skill sets for EOSC - provide your feedback by 21 September

  • By Iryna Kuchma

The “Minimum EOSC Skill Set” Task Force of the Skills & Training Working Group releases a diagram to describe the EOSC actors profiles and interactions with the EOSC ecosystem, required skills and training needs. Broad categories include Researchers, EOSC Enablers, Data Science Data Analytics, Research Software Engineers, Data Research Infrastructure Support Professionals, Data Curators, Data Stewards, Citizens and Policy Makers. The analysis may not be exhaustive but aims to be representative, so missing specific roles can easily find their place.

Each profile includes a description, an example for clarification and a list of the EOSC skills required. Transversal digital, ethical, communication, legal and data protection regulations skills are not explicitly mentioned as they are horizontal to most research disciplines dealing with data, but they should also be acquired.

Please find a PDF version of the diagram describing the EOSC actors profiles and their interactions with the EOSC ecosystem, required skills and training needs here. And please provide your feedback via the form at by 21 September 2020.

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  • Leonardo Candela's picture

    Leonardo Candela

    Date: 08 Sep, 2020

    Thanks for sharing this diagram.

    I do have some problems with the proposed names:
    * "EOSC Enabler" sounds like someone that is called to implement EOSC (the system) rather than someone called to facilitate the life of Researchers;
    * Data Science Data Analytics ... analytics is a process, do you mean that this is a type of data analyst?
    * I didn't see a Service Provider here while I see "Data Research Infrastructure Support Professionals";

    What are the relationships between roles? E.g. are they disjoint? Are they organised in a hierarchy? E.g. it seems that an EOSC Enabler is a specialization of a Researcher ... isn't it?

    Apart from the names, it is might be interesting to connect the roles with the phases of a research lifecycle thus to clarify who does what wrt to a research lifecycle enacted by EOSC.

    Regarding "Research Software" production and sharing, it is challenging to figure out how it fits with the proposed roles. In many cases "research software" consists of small scripts and notebooks that are produced by researchers on their own. Is this kind of "research software" part of the "research data" a Researcher produces? If not, then I assume it is a duty of the "EOSC Enabler" yet the fact that the produced artefact is going to be shared is not highlighted.

    Scholarly communication (with their roles) is not included at all. Is EOSC not going to support scholarly communication practices, in particular those promoting Open Science?

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