Side event at ICRI: Enabling global research with interoperable digital infrastructures

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25 Aug 2022

Side event at ICRI: Enabling global research with interoperable digital infrastructures

  • By Magdalena Brus


There are numerous opportunities for impressive global science, but more and more of these opportunities require the worldwide interoperation of digital infrastructures that deliver compute, storage, and network services and scientific environments designed to deposit and exploit digital assets. This session will illustrate these opportunities, highlight the challenges, and then reflect on them with emerging solutions from Digital Infrastructures in the context of various initiatives linked to the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

Event website:


9:00 Welcome and introductions

9:15 Global Opportunities facing Digital Challenges

 (talks with QA)

  • Chiara Ferrari (TBC), Director of SKA-France (or another SKAO Council member): Square Kilometre Array (Astroparticle physics)
  • Craig Heinselman, EISCAT Association CEO: EISCAT_3D (Atmospheric sciences);
  • Mikko Strahlendorff, FMI Finland: Argo and Copernicus (Marine sciences)
  • Jonathan Tedds (TBC), ELIXIR Europe Compute Platform & EOSC Coordinator: Global alliance for genome and health (Health sciences)

10:45 Break

11:05 Digital trends and emerging solutions 60‘

 (talks with QA)

  • Jianhui Li, Director of CSTCloud, China: Cloud integration experiences for EISCAT and INSTRUCT
  • Rob Simmonds, Associate Director of New Technologies at IDIA, South Africa: Portable workflows on interoperable infrastructures for astrophysics
  • Representative of the EOSC Association (Speaker TBC) : Landscape of policies, funding and interoperability framework for international science (EOSC)

12:05 Panel – Opportunities and the way forward

13:00 End of the event


Why attend?

Research Infrastructures and Digital Infrastructures contribute to the implementation of the EOSC by sharing and aligning physical resources, applications, data and other types of research outputs.

The session will bring the RIs, digital infrastructures and the EOSC Association together to discuss key topics to be considered by policymakers, research infrastructure managers and funding agencies for global science.


Who should attend?

  • Research infrastructure representatives You can learn how digital infrastructures can support the computational, storage and other digital needs of your operations and your users on the national, EU and global levels.
  • Policymakers and Funding agencies Worldwide interoperation of digital infrastructures is extremely important for borderless science and deeper scientific understanding. Learn about the latest developments, opportunities, and emerging solutions that enable global interoperability.
  • E-infrastructures / Digital infrastructure providers
  •  This event will bring together representatives of key digital infrastructures in Europe and beyond. Come and discuss opportunities for coordinated service delivery, knowledge and innovation sharing.