Role of University Networks in the EOSC Building Process

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19 May 2020

Role of University Networks in the EOSC Building Process

  • By Bernd Saurugger

Dear Members of this Interest Group,

In the EOSC building process TU Wien invited university networks, who have only been involved indirectly in the co-creation of the EOSC so far, as researcher’s representatives to a physical workshop that took place in Brussels before the current pandemic broke out. At this event 35 members of relevant university networks as well as experts in open science voiced the needs of researchers and research institutions with a focus on research infrastructures, policies and services. Please find the full report of this workshop here:

Since research is happening at universities and most research data is stored there, university networks are highly important stakeholders in EOSC development. One of the main aspects that were discussed was how to better involve them in the co-creation process. What do you think about that? What do you think about the other findings of this workshop?

Best regards

Bernd Saurugger