FInding and managing services in multiple service catalogs

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13 Sep 2020

FInding and managing services in multiple service catalogs

  • By Jos Vanwezel

Dear all,

The project EOSC Pillar is discussing the use of service catalogs in national context and plans to deploy a pilot. This activity may have consequences for the operation of EOSC. For this thread I focus on the technical consequences. Together with Luciano Gaido and Leonardo Candela, who are leading project tasks to implement a functional services catalog we started thinking how the Pillar catalog could interact with the EOSC-hub catalog and for that matter with others, since we must assume other (existing) catalogs want to join as well.

The construction of a federation of catalogs or similar seems useful and I like to understand what activity is already undertaken to make that possible. What work was done on standardisation of (service) descriptions so they can be exchanged easily, similarly regarding the communication between catalogs? Are there solutions we can borrow from the experience with data catalogs? Have you already worked on describing processes and indicating roles and actors in the context of services management. Where does FitSM fit in? What projects are involved  and could this IG help to channel the discussion?

Your input is much appreciated.