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Plenary 4 - EOSC as a Federation

Chaired by Jan Hrusak, EOSC Landscape WG | Helia conference hall

This session will focus on what EOSC should federate from the Member States perspective highlighting the current challenges for a federation at European level. Key question is how a federated EOSC will be run and what a European federated structure means for member states. There are IT infrastructures and new ones being planned. Existing structures must be brought into EOSC and new ones must be planned with idea of becoming EOSC. The recently funded EOSC regional projects are closing tackling these issues. The session will provide the perspectives of the EOSC regional projects setting the scene for  broader discussion with the audience.


  • 10' Session objectives and Landscape WG overview - Jan Hrusak, EOSC Landscape WG Chair
  • 30' Lightining talks from the 5 EOSC-regional projects:
  • 40' Panel:  What exactly EOSC will federate and the challenges at Member State level