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Chaired by: Niklas Blomberg, ELIXIR, EOSC-LIFE and Andreas Petzold, ENVRI-FAIR | Room: Helia conference hall

The focus of the session is to discuss the perspectives of users working in life and environmental sciences to understand what are their requirements and how EOSC can support them.

Introduction (10’ )
Niklas Blomberg (EOSC-Life) / Andreas Petzold (ENVRI-FAIR)

EOSC for life & environmental sciences, introduction to session, expected outcome

Session 1 - The diversity of users & use-cases (5x5min + 25 min)

Session 2 - Managing data, tools and users in the cloud (5x5min + 25 min)

Wrap-up/ Summary (5’ )
Niklas Blomberg (EOSC-Life)