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Plenary 3 - EOSC Rules of Participation

Chair: Juan Bicarregui, EOSC Rules of Participation WG


The Rules of Participation define a common baseline for participation without which the EOSC would be nothing more than a relabelling of existing resources and practices with no motivation to move beyond the status quo. To make EOSC a transformative environment that accelerates research requires:

  • open sharing of data as the default option;
  • interoperability of data where there is scientific merit in doing so;
  • interoperability and composability of services;
  • intelligent discoverability of resources including data, software and workflows;  
  • reliability and performance of services with seamless and trusted access; and
  • easy to use tools that assist participants in a cooperating community.

Here ‘rule’ is a general term that forms a basis of requirements, principles, guidelines, policies, recommendations, terms & conditions, end-user agreements, acceptable use policies, code of conduct, etc.  Rules constitute an envelope of different expectations for realising EOSC; whilst some rules are technical requirements that must be met before participants can start using or offering data and/or services, other rules are policy related (e.g. data protection, open data, funding policies).  

The Rules of Participation Working Group aims to define a minimal set of rules that specify the rights, obligations and accountability governing EOSC transactions by EOSC users, providers and operators.


The session will discuss the definition and implementation of the RoP for EOSC. A short paper summarising the some key issues is available here. The paper will be open for comments until the 2nd December.

Please add any comments or questions you may have on the topics discussed, or suggest new topics that may have been omitted.