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Skills development for EOSC - Competences

Chaired by: Natalia Manola, EOSC-EB Member | Room: Panorama

The objective of this session is to bring stakeholders together to discuss existing knowledge and efforts on skills (sharing data and services, aligning open science policies), to integrate different views and to articulate a common understanding for competences needed for EOSC. In particular, this session aspires to gather both the experts’ views already working in the field of skills/training in various EOSC related projects, and the research community requirements, and collectively provide a first input to the EOSC EB. The results of this workshop would help  bootstrap the  work of the proposed Working Group on skills and training and provide guidance on the community needs.

The session will revolve on skills on the following topics/target groups:

  • RDM for researchers for open/FAIR science
  • Service provisioning for/within EOSC
  • Supporting open science activity in institutions