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Training infrastructure for EOSC - Delivery

Chaired by: Natalia Manola, EOSC-EB Member | Room: Panorama

This session aims to bring training expert and stakeholders together to provide recommendations and proposed actions towards a roadmap for the realization of an EOSC pervasive training infrastructure. Building on previous discussions about EOSC competence centre(s), including the types of “state-of-the-art” training resources, their metadata and “packaging”, the different models of operation at different settings (institutional/national/RI), this session aspires to start towards a roadmap for an EOSC training infrastructure and resources catalogue, feeding into the work of the proposed Working Group on skills and training.

This session is organized by The Community of Practice for Training Coordinators (CoP), a network of training coordinators with representatives from research, e-infrastructures, and universities. Overall, the objectives of this informal network are manifold: 1) stimulate the establishment of a network of experts aiming at sharing best practices and promoting cross-infrastructure training activities in EOSC, 2) improve the availability, discoverability and interoperability of learning materials and training resources with open standards in mind, and 3) discuss how these training resources could be pooled effectively across EOSC for the benefit of those seeking materials and best practices.

This discussion will help to onboard training-related content and infrastructures in the EOSC portal, defining a set of common criteria for training/skill-related offerings, including a new EOSC Portal section, where training-related resources and services can be made visible and accessible. We will also create a cross-project team to move this forward.

5 mins - Introduction - Natalia Manola

60 mins - What the EOSC Catalogue could include - Examples from existing initiatives

20 mins - EOSC training infrastructure and resources catalogue: discussion
Questions to discuss:

  • Coordination: How much coordination of training and skills development is needed in EOSC, and at what level?
  • Curation: What acceptance criteria are appropriate for training materials catalogues and how could we curate generic training resources and training tools in EOSC? How could we set up a group that will validate new training material and event offerings for the EOSC Portal website? How could we develop quality criteria for  learning resources (badges, reviews, recommendations, comments, board of editors, etc.)?
  • Aggregation: How can we move on with a globally used metadata for learning resources, courses and/or curricula (, terms4FAIRskills, FAIRterms, or other) and which approaches shall we use to aggregate metadata?
  • Competence centres: How do you make the most use out of the FAIRsFAIR competence centre and other resources?
  • Governance: What would be an appropriate governance and operation model of the training infrastructure? Including the EOSC training materials catalogue. Who is in charge of what.
  • Sustainability: What is the most effective sustainability model?
  • Participation: How do the EOSC related projects contribute to an EOSC training infrastructure?
  • EOSC WG Training & Skills: What are the expectations from the EOSC WG Training & Skills?

5 mins - Wrap up