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Open Science Fair Conference - Save the date!

Open Science Fair Conference - Save the date!

Porto, Portugal

START: 16 Sep 2019
END: 18 Sep 2019

The second edition of the Open Science Fair, co-organised by, OpenAIRE, FAIRsFAIR, FIT4RRI and by the University of Minho, will take place in Porto (Portugal) on September 16-18, 2019.

Open Science Fair critically showcases the elements required for the transition to Open Science: e-infrastructures and services, policies as guidance for good practices, research flows and new types of activities (disseminate, mine, review, assess, etc.), the roles of the respective actors and their networks.

This year the conference will also host the launch of the EOSC KIOSK, a central info point for the European Open Science Cloud, open to all EOSC projects to showcase and present their outcomes and activities. is directly involved in the following sessions:

The Journey to EOSC - Preparing at a national level - 17 Sep, 11am

Organisers & Speakers: Najla Rettberg - UGOE, OpenAIRE, Iryna Kuchma - EIFL, OpenAIRE, Annabel Grant - GEANT, Daniel Bangert - UGOE, RDA Europe, Elli Papadopoulou - Athena Research Center, OpenAIRE, Lene Krøl Andersen - EOSC Nordic, Ron Dekker - CESSDA ERIC
Duration: 2 hrs
Room: Arquivo Hall

The main aim of this workshop is to share and showcase good practices and examples of how national initiatives are working setting up procedures for supporting EOSC, in particular towards some of the themes of the EOSC Working Groups (Architecture, Rules of Participation and Landscape).

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Making EOSC Training more FAIR - 17 Sep, 2pm

Organisers & Speakers: Ellen Leenarts - DANS, Iryna Kuchma - EIFL , René van Horik - DANS, Angus Whyte - DCC, Gergely Sipos - EGI, Celia W.G. van Gelder - Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences, Daniel Bangert - UGOE, Giuseppe La Rocca - EGI, Martina Torma, Astrid Verheusen, Friedel Grant - LIBER, Cecile Swiate - Université Paris II Panthéon-Assas Academic Library, Natalia Manola - “Athena” Research and Innovation Center and the University of Athens, OpenAIRE, OpenMinTeD, HELIX, the EOSC Executive Board and the Open Science Policy Platform, Ilaria Fava - Göttingen State and University Library, OpenAIRE and RDA Europe, Birgit Schmidt - Goettingen University, RDA, FAIRsFAIR, Mareike Buss - CBS, Katrine Düring Davidsen - Aarhus University, Katrine Flindt Holmstrand - DTU, Kevin Ashley - Digital Curation Center
Duration: 3.5 hrs
Room: D. Luis Hall

How can support and training offered by the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) be more effective? Which training and guidance resources are needed at the EOSC level? How can we ensure they can be found and used? How can training and guidance resources, i.e. materials and event information, be pooled effectively across the EOSC? Jointly organized by the Community of Practice (CoP) for Training Coordinators and LIBER, this workshop will cover recent developments in EOSC Skills and Training and discuss recommendations for the EOSC. The workshop will result in a set of concrete steps from the training community to improve the findability, accessibility, interoperability and reusability of EOSC training resources.

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Fostering a FAIR research culture - What Works? - 17 Sep, 2pm

Organisers & Speakers: Jos van Wezel - EOSC PILLAR, Eva Mendez, Francisco J. Núñez Benjumea - FAIR4Health, Susanna-Assunta Sansone - FAIRsharing RDA WG, EOSC-Life, IMI FAIRplus, Isabelle Perseil - RDA Europe/RDA WG on FAIR Maturity, Brian Matthews - ExPaNDS, FAIRsFAIR, Joy Davidson - FAIRsFAIR, Najla Rettberg - OpenAIRE, Natasha Simmons - RDA Data Policy Standardisation IG
Duration: 2 hrs
Room: Arquivo Hall

This workshop will explore some examples where successes have been realised and consider if these are extensible to other domains. This work will feed into recommendations being developed by the FAIRsFAIR project to help improve FAIR policy and practice.

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Services to support FAIR data: formulating recommendations for EOSC - 18 Sep, 9am 

Organisers & Speakers: Mustapha Mokrane - FAIRsFAIR, Daniel Bangert - RDA Europe, Emilie Hermans - OpenAIRE, René van Horik - EOSC-hub, Maaike de Jong - FREYA, Hylke Koers - FAIRsFAIR, Ian Duncan - Australian Research Data Commons: ARDC, Françoise Genova - Centre de Donnés Astronomiques de Strasbourg and EOSC FAIR WG, Odile Hologne - French Institute for Agricultural Research, EOSC RoP WG and FAIRsFAIR Champion, Rachael Kotarski - The British Library, EOSC FAIR WG and FREYA project, Tobias Weigel - DKRZ, EOSC Architecture WG and FAIRsFAIR champion

Duration: 2 hrs
Room: Ribeira I Hall

In the larger context of Open Science, the workshop will present and discuss a number of priorities and recommendations compiled in the report from previous two workshops and adding to previous work aimed at ensuring that services supporting research data are effectively providing a technical ecosystem for FAIR data. This workshop is aligned with two of the conference’s main topics and it will resonate with its broader expert audience. It will tackle one of the challenges it raises, namely the lack of embedded tools and services supporting Open Science.

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Targeted audience:
Policy makers and funders, researchers, research Infrastructures and research communities, repository managers, publishers and content providers, libraries, research administrators, service providers and innovators.

Congress Centre Alfândega
R. Nova da Alfândega,
4050-430 Porto