COVID-19 Fast Track Funding

EOSC is an ideal tool to respond to public emergencies such as the COVID-19 virus by:

  • opening up scientific data on the virus,
  • sharing live on-the-ground data on the spread of the virus, as well as software, standards and processes for monitoring COVID-19 treatment and development,
  • accessing and combining this data not only to eradicate the virus but learn how to deal with similar viruses and future outbreaks,
  • assessing the validity of epidemic information in relation to the virus by ensuring that its sources can be traced and verified.

The past months have seen the European scientific community’s answer to the COVID-19 pandemic. EOSC Secretariat responded to this clear need for stakeholder engagement by introducing funding opportunities that will be fast-tracked at this challenging time for us all.


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I. General Information

II. Activity description and detailed specification of costs


Download and fill up the Request Form Template to submit your suggestion for a co-creation activity to be funded. 

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Allowed file types: pdf xls xlsx ods.

"In order to respect the rules on funding set by the European Commission, EOSC Secretariat will fund initiatives related to EOSC for an amount of 45.000 EUR max. EOSC Secretariat reserves the right of recurring to public tendering procurement, whose rules will strictly be complied to, for any initiative that exceed the aforementioned threshold."