Open Calls is at disposal to support all activities and actions that are beneficial to the uptake and implementation of EOSC at any level, from the stakeholder community to the governance. Open calls are periodically launched by the Secretariat in order to fund these activities and actions through the adoption of a co-creation approach.

Available Open Calls

30 Jun 2020
  • Call opened: 30 June 2020
  • Deadline for clarification questions: 13 July 2020
  • Call closes: 15 July at noon (CEST)
  • Period of contract: July – December 2020 
  • Budget available up to 60.000 EUR
  • Further information on the call in the Guide for Quotation Request 
  • Conditions of contract

EOSC Working Group on Skills & Training is looking for a team of experts to conduct a study to frame digital skills required in the EOSC into the wider European agenda for skills and provide recommendations for Member States/Associated Countries on how to include EOSC in national skills policies/strategies.

The target audience of the study are policy makers at all levels: Ministries shaping up national agendas; EC officials from different DGs (e.g., RTD, CNECT, EAC, GROW, IT); Research Performing Organizations for shaping organizational structures; Educational organizations for vocational training; Research funding agencies; EOSC Association; Industry associations; Civic Organizations/NGOs for understanding the skills landscape and involve their operations. 

The Skills & Training working group has outlined four (4) distinct tasks to be completed as part of the study with some elements (non-exhaustive) the bidder must take into account in the proposal and delivery.