EOSC Architecture Working Group view on the Minimum Viable EOSC

EOSC Architecture Working Group view on the Minimum Viable EOSC

EOSC Architecture Working Group view on the Minimum Viable EOSC

26 Feb 2021

By: Mark van de Sanden (EUDAT/SURF), Dale Robertson (JISC), Paolo Manghi (OpenAIRE/CNR), Owen Appleton (EGI)

The EOSC Architecture Working Group (EAWG), has released a paper containing its view on the Minimum Viable EOSC. The document is now available on the website of the Publications Office of the European Union.

The paper adds detail to the description of the Minimum Viable EOSC (MVE) in the Sustainability Working Group’s (ESWG’s) FAIR Lady report, providing details of the minimum set of elements that require to be sustained. The EAWG paper focuses on the period to the end of 2023, corresponding to the first phase of the EOSC as defined in the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA). In developing its view on the MVE, the EAWG also considered the Briefing Paper on the EOSC Federating Core published by EOSC-hub and the vision and contributions from OpenAIRE to EOSC. 

As a result of the discussions, the Architecture WG defined the EOSC-Core, EOSC-Exchange, EOSC Federation, and MVE as:

  • EOSC-Core: the set of enabling services required to operate the EOSC
  • EOSC-Exchange: the set of federation services registered to the EOSC by RIs and clusters, et al, to serve the needs of research communities and the widening to the general public and private sector  
  • EOSC Federation: the set of scientific services provided by RIs and Clusters to the respective communities; 

The Minimum Viable EOSC is intended as a dynamic set of EOSC resources:

  • The subset of resources in the EOSC-Exchange necessary to create added-value and new opportunities considered essential to be provided by the EOSC at a given moment in time, i.e., to allow essential services and research products (e.g., publications, datasets, software) to be discovered, composed, accessed and analysed via the EOSC, which could not be otherwise;  
  • The subset of EOSC-Core components/services required to operate and deliver such resources.

Next steps

The report will be handed over to the EOSC Association with the recommendation to review the concrete proposal made for the EOSC-Core functions to constitute the initial MVE and to address the recommendations made.

Download the Architecture WG View on the Minimum Viable EOSC

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