EOSC Governance Symposium Clinic Sessions - Your Questions Please!

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EOSC Governance Symposium Clinic Sessions - Your Questions Please!

EOSC Governance Symposium Clinic Sessions - Your Questions Please!

23 Sep 2020

At the EOSC Symposium 2020 - taking place online on 19-22 October - you will be able to have all your questions answered during the EOSC Clinic Sessions. Each day there will be an hour-long EOSC Clinic Session dedicated to answering questions submitted by Symposium attendees.

The session will have a different EOSC topic each day about which questions may be submitted and upvoted on the sli.do platform. As many questions as possible will be answered in each session. Don’t miss this opportunity to have your questions answered!

Using Sli.do

Sli.do is a platform that allows questions to be submitted virtually by attendees before and during the Q&A. This is done by accessing the correct sli.do page and simply typing in the box labeled “ask the speaker” and hitting send. You may write your name or send questions anonymously. You and other attendees will also be able to see the list of submitted questions and vote for those you wish to hear answered.

Submit a Question

You may already submit questions via sli.do for each different session. See the list of topics below. If you click on the topic about which you want to ask a question you will be taken to its sli.do page.

EOSC Clinic Sessions (each day 13:30-14:30 CEST):

About the EOSC Governance Symposium 2020

This year's largest event organised by the EOSC Executive & Governing Boards with the support of the EOSC Secretariat project is going virtual on 19-22 October 2020 (mornings only). Registration is free of charge and closes on 15th October 2020 (COB).

The event, which will take place over the course of four mornings will analyse the progress of EOSC after two years from its official launch focusing on the added value of EOSC for the European scientific community.

The main objectives of this year Symposium are:

  • to show the value of EOSC to research performing organisations and research funders;
  • to onboard new members into the EOSC Association;
  • to engage the EOSC providers explaining how and why federate the services with the objectives.

Find the full programme here!

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