EOSC Landscape WG: Reaching our ambitious goals

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EOSC Landscape WG: Reaching our ambitious goals

EOSC Landscape WG: Reaching our ambitious goals

14 Oct 2019

By: Iiris Liinamaa (CSC, EOSCsecretariat Contact Point for the EOSC Landscape Working Group), with contributions by Jan Hrušák (Chair of the EOSC Landscape Working Group)

On the 27th of August, we had the 2nd meeting of the Landscape Working Group as teleconference. The main point on the agenda was the work plan which will help the WG members in writing a Landscape analysis. The analyses will bring the picture of current situation in open data chain and related legislation. The 1st draft will be delivered by the end of Q3/2019. 

The 1st draft of the analysis will bring a picture of European landscape with a special focus on existing EOSC-relevant infrastructures, initiatives, and strategic and policy papers. National sources of Member States and Associated Countries as well as EOSC-related projects (e.g. EOSCPilot, EOSC-HUB, OpenAire, etc.) provide an essential input for writing.

The WG defined an analysis outline starting with explanation how the document will be kept up to date. This living document will be modified along with the EOSC preparation and later implementation. A summary of policies and strategies as well as outcomes of EOSC related projects will provide a brief look into the developments behind the EOSC and how EOSC is being implemented. We understand that speaking with the same languages is essential, therefore a list of defined items will be attached. EOSC-relevant infrastructure and initiatives will cover a brief information on relevant cyber infrastructures (Data and HPC infrastructures and Networking) and thematic infrastructures.

The 2nd draft of the analysis is expected on the Dec 2019, the WG needs to go back to national authorities and strategies and refine the information. Other WGs shall be consulted to figure out which points are relevant for the other groups - not just for example information about funding policies for the Sustainability WG, but the operating models for the Architecture WG or service catalogues for the RoP WG. Overall, the report will not be a static document, but will be updated until the latest moment when the WG will deliver it for the Executive Board.

The country specific information will be later enriched by further information provided by INFRAEOSC-5b projects, when the results of their surveys about national initiatives and infrastructures will be available. With the help of European Commission and all the projects, the WG will be able to collect all the info and prepare the report as a reference document. There will be an extensive reference and citation framework for websites, project results, national or European documents etc. 

In order to reach the goal of the WG on time, the amount of experts in the WG has grown by receiving a few more members. In case you are interested in reading more about the Landscape WG’s start you will be able to find interesting facts on our previous blog post. Please have a look at our first blog post.

This Autumn everyone is welcome in two big EOSC-related events worth attending: the RDA event in Helsinki, Finland 22nd of October 2019 and the EOSC Symposium in Budapest, Hungary 26th-28th of November 2019. On the 22nd of October in Finland, the WG will arrange an open session that would enable everyone interested to discuss and contribute to the work the WG has done. However, the Landscape Working Group will also have its face-to-face meetings during these events. 

All these events will be good opportunities for anyone to meet the members of the Landscape WG! Also, if you are interested in becoming a stakeholder of EOSC, you will find prompt information of how to get involved in it here. Feel free to join!