Research funders & service providers: Help shape the future of EOSC

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Research funders & service providers: Help shape the future of EOSC

Research funders & service providers: Help shape the future of EOSC

28 Aug 2020

Research service providers and research funders are being asked for their vital input and response to the EOSC Executive Board’s open consultation on the draft SRIA (Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda) which is due to come to a close on August 31st.

As well as digesting and providing advice on the full document, research funders should pay particular attention to the proposed changes to rewards and recognition section under AA12 which discusses the need to have a smarter and more “responsible R&R system” as well as a number of outputs and Key Performance Indicators (KPI1, KPI5)

Research service providers will find relevant topics in ‘Strategic Objective 3’ which discusses the creation of a web of FAIR data and services through a series of iterations (three are outlined) that build on existing research data infrastructures as well as in a number of Action Areas (AA). ‘AA5’ focuses on user environments and the aspiration for user services to not only be found and used but also be processed and combined into new added-value research options. ‘AA8’ looks at The Rules of Participation (RoP) for EOSC services, setting standards for policy, processes and procedures that provide assurance of quality and trust.Finally ‘AA10’ outlines viable business models for the EOSC federation after 2020.

All of this information is found in the draft SRIA consultation document which sets out a draft general framework and provides key information for the future of EOSC. To input and suggest changes to the SRIA, representatives of these organisations can fill out the online questionnaire.

The consultation which was published on the 20th of July 2020 asks for the input of EOSC communities and beyond in setting out the future vision of the European Open Science Cloud and is part of the move towards the next phase of the EOSC, also building on the newly established EOSC Association.

A first proposal, the ‘European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) Partnership' setting out the structure for this entity, was published in May. The SRIA document builds on the EOSC Partnership proposal by drawing from its structure, the work of the Executive Board & its Working Groups and input from stakeholders in order to set out a full and strategic vision. It is imperative to the success of EOSC that its communities directly shape this vision. Therefore, it is vital that stakeholders participate in the creation of the SRIA through the open consultation launched today. Research organisations and universities including their IT departments, individual researchers, policymakers, industry representatives and citizens are all welcome and strongly encouraged to respond.

Respond to the open consultation by filling out the questionnaire here!