Secretariat debuts EOSC Kiosk Infopoint at the TNC 2019

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Secretariat debuts EOSC Kiosk Infopoint at the TNC 2019

Secretariat debuts EOSC Kiosk Infopoint at the TNC 2019

21 Jun 2019

During the TNC 2019, one of the largest research and education technology events in Europe, the European Open Science Cloud was present to promote the many opportunities available for the European research and education community. 

State of the EOSC presented

As part of day 2 of the TNC2019, EOSC was the first on the agenda with a session titled, "European Open Science Cloud (EOSC): It’s a brave new world - creating and supporting digital Communities" chaired by EOSC Executive Board Vice Chair Cathrin Stöver.

A rich set of speakers from across various working areas of the EOSC were present including GRNET's Stelios Sartzetakis, OpenAIRE's Natalia Manola, EOSC-hub's Tiziana Ferrari, GARR and EOSC-Pillar's Federico Ruggieri, eInfraCentral's Alasdair Reid, and European Commission DGCNCT's Liina-Maria Munari. 

The speakers each provided an overview of the work done so far to build the EOSC such as services and architecture from EOSC-hub, eInfraCentral's foundational cataloguing work, OpenAIRE's efforts towards FAIR data adoption, GARR and GRNET's regional initiatives, and the EC's policy backing.  

As part of the day 2 agenda for TNC 2019, a demonstration of the EOSC Portal was also delivered by eInfraCentral's Alasdair Reid. 

EOSC Kiosk

Additionally, as part of the TNC 2019 event organised by GÉANT from 17-20 June 2019 in Tallinn, Estonia, the EOSC Secretariat debuted its EOSC KIOSK infopoint, signaling the consolidating efforts in the bid to build the EOSC.

EOSC Kiosk Rolling Presentation: EOSC Opportunities for Researchers


EOSC Kiosk Rolling Presentation: EOSC Opportunities for Service Providers

Apart from the EOSC Portal, which is a communication channel on its own, the majority of the outreach activities to promote the science cloud, while many, have been delivered through the perspectives of the individual projects. With the arrival of the EOSC Secretariat and its clear mandate to brand and promote the EOSC, a more unified message of its value propositions for various stakeholders is expected. 

At the infopoint, visitors to the high traffic TNC event received general information about the EOSC, the players behind it, the role of the governance structure and the portal, as well as engagement opportunities through the EOSC Secretariat such as the newly-launched Liaison Platform, the two flagship events of the EOSC - the RDA Plenary Session, International Research Data Community contributing to EOSC and the EOSC Symposium

Opportunities across various initiatives were also provided to the visitors such the EOSC-hub's EOSC Early Adopter ProgrammeOCRE's cloud vouchers and adoption funding, and the EOSC Secretariat's available funding for co-creation activities. 

Visitors were also keen to show their support to the EOSC concept as they proudly carried away EOSC-branded giveaways.