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EOSC Secretariat About us

EOSCsecretariat.eu delivers support to the EOSC Governance while working openly and inclusively with communities to co-create an all-encompassing European Open Science Cloud.

Within our remit as the Coordination and Support Action for the EOSC, we address the need for the set-up of an operational framework supporting the overall Governance of the EOSC  and  engage with fully with EOSC-related projects.

Led by a lean consortium of experienced and complementary partners, we maintain a practical and independent approach to address all the specific needs of the coordination structure expected by the EOSC.


Co-creation is an essential element of our flexible approach to supporting the EOSC governance.  Through a series of open calls and open applications, EOSC stakeholders can apply for funding for EOSC-governance related activities. By enabling and empowering the EOSC community we look to contribute to the creation of a truly operational open science cloud serving all European stakeholders. Find out more.


Guiding Principles


Transparent. Efficient. Competent.

Much is expected of the EOSC and our consortium is well-placed to meet the needs of the EOSC community to ensure a transparent and inclusive flow of information between all stakeholders with the end-goal of supporting the EOSC gvernance in achieveing its goals. Our lean and efficient consortium builds on expertise and experience from across the community and across the continent.

The efficient, effective and transparent delivery of the EOSCsecretariat.eu is guaranteed through the overall coordination by Technopolis Group, an organisation with no vested interests in the EOSC decision-making bodies and Working Groups.

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