Future Model of EOSC

The topic of this Working Group is EOSC’s future model. It will examine core aspects related with the business model of EOSC, its governance structure and legal structure post 2020. This Working Group is expected to take on the task of assisting the Executive Board to evaluate the strategic and financing orientations that EOSC will follow for a functional transition to the second phase post 2020.


Governance Framework

Proposing an applicable governance framework that will minimize the risks of completing the operational EOSC vision. It will establish mechanisms for communication and planning among Member States, Associated Countries, the Executive Board and the body of Stakeholders. 


Providing the Governance and Executive Boards with alternative business options that will be suitable for EOSC to initiate the accumulation of economic returns will be yielding cost efficiency gains from a federated and interoperable European science system. The desirable outcome of this task is to portray a transparent and accountable business plan that will ensure the economic sustainability of the EOSC. 

Future Legal Structure

Mapping the policy framework and defining from a legal standpoint the potential legal entity options EOSC could adopt post 2020.