EOSC Executive Board

The Executive Board of the EOSC is a body of representatives from the research and e-infrastructures communities, appointed by the European Commission.

The Executive Board is chaired by Karel Luyben (European Association of Universities of Technology – CESAER) and Cathrin Stöver (GÉANT). All Executive Board members are appointed in a personal capacity and represent pan-European organisations of relevant for the EOSC implementation, for example large pan-European research infrastructures, eInfrastructures, public research organisations, universities, public research funding organisations and industry organisations.


  • Provide advice and support on the strategy, implementation, monitoring and reporting on the progress of the implementation of the EOSC as set out in the Staff Working Document on the Implementation Roadmap for the EOSC, notably in the form of:
    • a strategic implementation plan and annual work plans, and of a proposed mechanism for overseeing and steering the implementation of the strategic and annual work plans, and for monitoring and reporting on progress;
    • rules for participation to guide service provision and an action plan for scientific data interoperability to operationalise the FAIR principles.
  • Provide recommendations on the appropriate mechanisms and possible forms for the EOSC governance after 2020 including business models and modes of financing, and on how the user base of the EOSC could be extended to the public sector and the industry.

The Executive Board is supported by EOSC Secretariat, a project set up to provide an operational framework for the EOSC.

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