Federated Infrastructures & Portal Evolution

The mission of this Working group will revolve around the following goals and activities:


Resource Federation Best Practices

This Working Group will highlight best practices for the Governance and Executive board regarding the basic guidelines of developing the core and processes for federating resources. Namely this WG will be asked to raise awareness and increase knowledge on:

  • A range of minimum commitments to be set in the rules of participation to ensure fairness (ideally co-developed with WG 5). 
  • The extent that these commitments will affect the entities beyond their compliance regarding data sets and services.
  • A range of mechanisms that could provide adequate flexibility to the federating core to promote EOSC ready entities to EOSC federated centers.
  • A range of guidelines to support the federating process so that economies of scale could be achieved in the future.
  • How FAIR standards and certification processes could integrate with the EOSC federating process (in close co-operation with WG 3)

EOSC Portal Structure

The group will also make recommendations on how the EOSC Portal should be structured to serve EOSC needs in an optimal manner.

The WG’s recommendations are expected to take forward the initial planning of the EOSC Portal aiming at:  

  • being implemented to the whole spectrum of cross disciplinary data.
  • operating with the most user-friendly interface that will guide users in finding the resources needed.
  • bridge the fragmentation of entry points to avoid duplication of efforts across thematic initiatives and from different scientific disciplines.
  • being consolidated as a safe and open environment that will serve researchers from all scientific disciplines.