Recent Activity: EOSC Service and Research Product Catalogues

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27 May 2020

Open discussion for defining "onboarding"

  • By Andrea Mannocci

Dear all,
In the context of the INFRAEOSC-Call 5 projects, an open discussion of what “service onboarding” means has recently started, and a few definitions/observations have been suggested.
On this matter, another contribution has emerged during the just ended EOSC-hub week, where Owen Appleton brought forward another valid point of view in his talks.

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26 May 2020

ExPaNDS survey: what would researchers be searching for if they had access to a catalogue of Photon and Neutron science data?

  • By Sophie Servan

Dear all,

In ExPaNDS we have created a questionnaire to survey researchers and data miners on what they would be searching for if they had access to a database of Photon and Neutron science related data. We'll use the results to build search tools for our future EOSC data catalogues that best meet peoples needs.

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12 Feb 2020

[Reminder] Welcome survey

  • By Andrea Mannocci


thank you again for joining in the IG.
This is just a gentle reminder.

To kickstart this IG, we kindly ask you to help us collect information that may be relevant for the future activities of the group.
We prepared a short survey intended to know better the current state of the art of the services and research products in your community of reference. 
Please fill it in at

Best regards,