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26 Jan 2021

Proposing an assessment framework for FAIR-enabling data services. Webinar, 29 January 2021

  • By Sara Pittonet Gaiarin


For providers of data services across the full range of scientific disciplines, this webinar will present a first version of an assessment framework under development by FAIRsFAIR.

The framework is fully described in the recently published Report on Basic Framework on FAIRnesss of Services and aims to assist providers to ensure their data services are ‘FAIR enabling’. This is because realising the full potential of a FAIR ecosystem in which research outputs can be easily shared and optimally reused, requires looking beyond the FAIRification of data and other digital objects to consider the infrastructure and services that act on those objects.

Webinar participants will be guided through the key elements of the assessment framework - both technical and social - and the most important recommendations to data services providers for achieving incremental improvements.

Information and registration:



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21 Jan 2021

Diverse Perspectives on (future) Research Environments

  • By Katharina Flicker

We are (still) collecting visions, needs and requirements on (future) research environments and started out interviewing academics who became successful SciFi-authors to collect as diverse perspectives and ideas as possible. The first interview with Computer Scientist and SciFi-author Cory Doctorow was published this week. Check out this post, if you would like to know more!

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20 Jan 2021

OCRE Cloud Framework & Catalogue Empowers European Research

  • By Zachary Smith

The OCRE project is pleased to announce the award of a total of 473 OCRE IaaS+ framework agreements, that will ease access to commercial cloud services for researchers and research institutions in 40 European countries.

Researchers will be able to benefit from 27 different commercial cloud-based platforms that were sourced through the OCRE IaaS+ Tender concluded mid-2020 and have been made available through the National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) in the OCRE Cloud Catalogue from today. Although not every platform is available in every country, each country has eight or more platforms to choose from.

With a total of 473 different entries in the catalogue, OCRE has made it easy to find what is available in each country. When entering into the catalogue, the user encounters a map of Europe. A country's individual catalogue of available services is accessed by simply clicking on that country. Each...

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19 Jan 2021

First SWForum Workshop on Trustworthy Software and Open Source

  • By Zachary Smith, the European Forum of the Software Research Community, is hosting its first workshop on Trustworthy Software and Open Source on 23-25 March 2021, and is requesting submissions.

How to submit

Position, technical, and demo papers must be formatted according to LNCS style ( and they must be 5-pages long. 
Panel proposals can be in any format.
All contributions must be submitted using the EasyChair platform available at

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10 Jan 2021

EOSC Nordic Webinar on relevance of PID's for repositories

  • By Bert Meerman

On 26th of November, the EOSC Nordic Project organised a webinar for repositories in the Nordic and Baltic countries.
The subject was the relevance and importance for repositories to be "FINDABLE" on the internet via a PID or a Global Unique,
Identifier (GUID).  The webinar was well received and gave inspiration to several repositories to take action. 

See details in:

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08 Jan 2021

FAIRsFAIR Open call for policy enhancement support

  • By Rita Meneses

Would you like advice on how you can better align your policy with the FAIR Principles?


To register your interest, please complete the form below. The deadline for registering interest is Friday, 22 January 2021.

FAIRsFAIR aims work with up to 25 policy makers over the course of 2021 and will make our selection to ensure there is representation reflecting the various stakeholders, stages of development, and geographic coverage. Any questions can be addressed to


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06 Jan 2021

Registration is Open: Research Libraries, Researchers and the EOSC - How do they interact?

  • By Athina Papadopoulou

Scientific Knowledge Services partnered for this project with LIBER (The European Association of Research Libraries) to create a series of reports which will inform the EOSC about what research libraries could offer and expect from EOSC (The European Open Science Cloud).

Research libraries share the vision to improve access to Europe’s research results through Open Science and improved discovery. They have been the key holders of data for a long time and play a key role in connecting end-users/researchers to Open Science and the EOSC. Also research libraries develop and maintain services that users rely upon and that need to be integrated into the EOSC. Libraries can, therefore, help develop the requirements for the inclusion of services and data into the EOSC. The strong experience in advocating for Open Science for many years can help to promote the EOSC in the research community.


If you are interested in participating please follow this link, learn more about the programme of each of our five workshops and register.

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04 Jan 2021

EOSC Enhance Webinars: EOSC Portal New Release

  • By Luigi Colucci

EOSC Portal New Release Webinars

Building on the fruitful requirement gathering activity carried out throughout 2020, the EOSC Enhance consortium announced the official release of the new and improved EOSC Portal in December 2020.

This marked another exciting step in the collaborative journey towards the further development and improvement of useful and dynamic tools for the growing EOSC community. 

The launch was accompanied by a series of webinars introducing different aspects of the Portal. After the general overview offered in the first webinar, and a dedicated tutorial for new providers, the upcoming webinars will focus on the features for new users functionalities and tutorial and on the tutorial for existing providers of the EOSC Portal Catalogue & Marketplace.

Join us!

Register now for the New User Functionalities and Tutorial Webinar

14 january 2021, 11:00-12:00 AM CET

Draft Agenda

  • 11:00
  • ...

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04 Jan 2021

EOSC Related Publication:“39 Hints to Facilitate the Use of Semantics for Data on Agriculture and Nutrition”

  • By Romain David

A new EOSC-Life co-authored paper report on the outputs and adoption of the Agrisemantics Working Group of the Research Data Alliance (RDA), consisting of a set of recommendations to facilitate the adoption of semantic technologies and methods for the purpose of data interoperability in the field of agriculture and nutrition. 

39 Hints to Facilitate the Use of Semantics for Data on Agriculture and Nutrition 

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04 Jan 2021

EOSC-Pillar Open Call for thematic service providers

  • By Federico Drago

Applications are now being accepted by EOSC-Pillar for integrating thematic digital research service providers. Successful applicants will be included in the EOSC-Pillar project, allowing them to receive support in integrating their service(s) into the national catalogues, and eventually, the service catalogue of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

The open call is open until 28 February 2021, 23:59 CET. The project invites applications from institutions with interesting challenges to submit and bring new thematic services to enhance the portfolio of EOSC-Pillar and EOSC, while showing the scientific excellence and societal impact that EOSC could achieve. This offers a unique opportunity to connect with EOSC and to take part in the exciting EOSC-Pillar project. The applicants will get the result of the call for proposals in April 2021 and invited to attend a workshop mid-June 2021. 

Learn more

Apply now!

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21 Dec 2020

Survey for Academic Assessment Systems for Open Science & Research Data

  • By Iiris Liinamaa

Dear all,

Please find below an invitation to participate in a survey conducted by an EOSC co-creation project studying researchers' merit systems. The survey is targeted at technicians and data collectors responsible for assessment systems.

On behalf of Janne Pölönen and Henriikka Mustajoki,

Maijastiina Arvola
Development Manager
CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd.
EOSC-Nordic project WP2 Lead, EOSC co-creation projects #16 and #17 steering group member

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18 Dec 2020

EOSC Researcher Engagement: Report on "Visions, needs, and requirements for Future Research Environments: an Exploration Series with Researchers"

  • By Katharina Flicker

As partner of the project consortium EOSCSecretariat, TU Wien is responsible for Researcher Engagement. This task comprises the organization of workshops, consultations and an exploration series with members from university networks, funding bodies and various research communities. In order to address the latter in a structured way, TU Wien interviewed top-level researchers such as members from the Marie Curie Alumni Association, ERC grantees and Nobel Laureates covering four domains (Engineering and Technical Sciences, Medical and Health Sciences, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences and Humanities). The report summarizing the key findings, such as services for cutting-edge research as well as key takeaway messages were now published on Zenodo!

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10 Dec 2020

Visions, Needs And Requirements For (Future) Research Environments: An Exploration Series with Researchers by TU Wien

  • By Katharina Flicker

Since the start of the EOSC initiative, the needs of potential stakeholders were put into focus – among them the wishes and requirements of researchers. To understand what the research community requires to perform cutting-edge research, the EOSCSecretariat partner TU Wien launched an exploration series with top-level researchers. This post contains a link collection to all published interviews: check it out, if you’re interested in what they have to say.

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09 Dec 2020

EOSC Enhance Webinar - EOSC Portal New provider functionalities and tutorial

  • By Federico Drago

The EOSC Enhance consortium is pleased to announce the official release of the new and improved EOSC Portal, marking marks another exciting step in the collaborative journey towards the further development and improvement of useful and dynamic tools for the growing EOSC community. 

The launch is accompanied by a series of four webinars introducing different aspects of the Portal. After the general overview offered in the first webinar on 3 December, this time the EOSC Enhance team is providing guidance to new service providers who are approaching the EOSC Portal for the first time.

Join us and discover the new functionalities of the EOSC Portal!

Register now

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30 Nov 2020

EOSC Portal Unveils New and Improved Major Release

  • By Federico Drago

EOSC Enhance announced the launch of a new Release of the main entry point to information and resources in the European Open Science Cloud, the EOSC Portal.

The new release features the new EOSC model for the description of providers and resources, more automated processes especially in onboarding resources to the portal, allows providers more control over their resources, enriches the information for each resource allowing users to make better choices, and supports users with more information such as tutorial and documentation areas for providers.

Take a look at the fourth entry of the EOSC Enhance Dev Diary:

Also, let me remind you that the first webinar of the series introducing the updates of this release is taking place on Thursday, 3 December at 11:00 CET, feel free to register:

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27 Nov 2020

Webinar on DATA TOGETHER initiative 24/11/2020

  • By Bert Meerman

On Tuesday 24th of November 2020, the EOSC Secretariat  ( WP 3.4 and WP 7.2 ) organized a webinar on discussing the relevance and impact for the EOSC of the recently established DATA TOGETHER COALITION.  (WDS, RDA, CODATA and GO FAIR)

There were about 90 participants on the call. 

Please visit for the agenda, background on the speakers, the slides that were presented and a recorded video:

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26 Nov 2020

Webinar – CESSDA Data Management Expert Guide. Why and How to use it?

  • By Marieke Willems

Have you heard about the CESSDA Data Management Expert Guide? Join our webinar on 3 December at 14.00 CET, where a researcher, a trainer and an expert will be on hand to discuss why and how to use the guide for Research Data Management in the social sciences and beyond.


  • Expert guidance by Ricarda Braukmann (DANS)
  • Trainer perspective and questions by Patrícia Isabel Martins Miranda (ICS Ulisboa)
  • Early Career Researcher practices and questions on Data Management Plans by Sothearath Seang (Eurodoc)

Find more information on panelists and registration >>