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Hussein Sherief's picture
06 Aug 2019

How can international stakeholders start collaboration with EOSC

  • By Hussein Sherief

The 1 July webinar was very informative. I would like to start cooperation with EOSC as international stakeholder providing services. We are currently working on a project that will provide infrastructure as a service. I would appreciate it if you can guide me on how to proceed with the stakeholder cooperation.

Suzanne Dumouchel's picture
05 Aug 2019

Survey: EOSC Federating Core Governance and Sustainability

  • By Suzanne Dumouchel

Hello everybody,


OPERAS Research Infrastructure is worling on the survey and we have some questions (see below):

1. Is there any deadline?

2. What is the purpose of the survey? how our answers will be reused? How can it change or influence something?

3. The difference between Shared Resources and marketplace is quite unclear. Any suggestion? How some of you understood the document?

And what about the macro-features (developed in EOSC-Hub project)? To what are they related to?

4. How can we be involved in the macro-features about scholarly communication?

5. Which part of the services can go in which tier? here again, we are not sure about that...


Would be happy to discuss the briefing paper more in details!






Dale Robertson's picture
30 Jul 2019

Have your say on EOSC-hub initial proposals for the EOSC Federating Core and its governance and sustainability

  • By Dale Robertson

EOSC-hub has produced a Briefing Paper which proposes an open and participatory approach to the definition and provisioning of the EOSC Federating Core based on existing capabilities of e-Infrastructures and research infrastructures. We invite all stakeholders to provide feedback and insight. <!--break-->

The paper puts forward a proposed definition of the Federating Core of the EOSC and proposals for its governance and sustainability. The initial proposals for the definition and organisation of the EOSC Federating Core capabilities have been developed from the recommendations of the HLEG EOSC final report and the EOSCpilot project,  as well as from research communities from a broad range of scientific disciplines within and outside the EOSC-hub consortium. 

The Federating Core includes the technical, human, policy and resource-related elements which are needed to allow research-targetted services to operate.  It is proposed to consist of tiers which deliver three sets of capabilities. These are defined in the Briefing Paper, but...